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        My name is Chad Zemel. The founder of this website is also me. I am the creator  and the director of the videos here. Nick Zemel is my video recorder. I am also an environmentalist and I am a volunteer for Global Response. I have helped out a lot in the in the environmental help. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy everything inside. In the prank page you will find prank videos I've done. You will also find prank ideas for you to do and if you show me your videos. I can put them on my website or something. You can also give me suggestions for future videos to do. In the Environmental Information page, you will find information on current and/or past environmental issues in the world. You will also find a major story that is only changed every half a year to a year on a certain topic (not specified). I am always open for suggestions. On the taking actions page you will find ways to donate to certain things/places, ways to buy certain items (prank, environmental, t-shirts, etc...), and ways to help the environment at your home, hotel, office, etc... On the coming soon page, you will find everything coming in the following weeks/months. They consist of the next environmental story, half a year story, prank videos in the following weeks, contests, new web pages, and info. on the stuff coming soon. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy. Give suggestions and comments if possible.


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