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rocking your world starting July 1- July 4

(visiting Colorado July 12- July 18)

We're going to Colorado for our first shoots!

(can't wait a second longer... well... you can send me an e-mail with the form on the front and ask me about it and I will tell as soon as possible)


Prank advice and ideas:

Before you make any prank video. You need to know a couple things. You should be able to act normal under any circumstance what so ever. You should also be able to cover-up a prank if someone starts to find out what you're doing. Not every prank is bought. It's ok to lie. You need to be able to hide the video camera without it being found. Never get caught. Be as prepared to set up the prank as to take it down. Now let's get in more detail.

lying= to lie, you need to do a couple things: keep and remain in eye contact for the time period necessary (don't use eye contact in circumstances like "needing" to go to work early. you also need to stand still and be as relaxed and normal in your posture as you normally would. Speak in the tone that is necessary to speak in (like crying for your "dog's death" or smiling from a long night "at the circus with your little brother or sister) and whatever you do, DON'T STUTTER, GET RED FACED, OR CHOKE!!! Just act normal. When being convicted, speak with confidence, act tense and strong on your points. Don't forget props on certain occasions (like "coming back from the circus" not letting your parents or whoever else actually think you went anywhere else because you have "proof").

acting normal= it's a lot like lying but whatever you do, don't give eye contact to the one/one's you are pranking before/while you're pranking them. After you prank them you can make eye contact though (especially if you are caught and you need to lie).

covering up= it is one of the most needed things in doing pranks because you need to hide the video camera, the pranks, and your true inner feelings while doing them. To cover up, you need to act normal and you need to hide the object by covering it up with something that fits the scene (like a jacket for a business office or fake flowers in a hotel or something like that) or with something that fits your "mood" or "where you've been".